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The myopic nightmare

There was this young guy Jack who was a senior in high school. He used to have perfect 20/20 vision but not anymore. Now hes -2 in each eye and the 20/100 line is blurry without glasses. However he indeed can see the 20/20 line with glasses, which wasnt really unusual for a low myope. However he was sick and tired of glasses. Sure he has tried contacts once. They took an hour to insert and for a few hours they stayed in till they dried and irriated his eyes so he took them off for the night and went to bed. Well the next morning he woke up, his right eye was sticky, red and itchy. His mom called the school that he was going to be absent because he has a "problem" with his eye.

She drove him to the ophthamologist. Hmmmm what do we have here? Come into my room and I will diagonise your eyes. Ahh you have pinkeye in your right eye. Jack explained that he had worn contacts for a few hours yesterday and woke up with the right eye looking redish. The doc says it must have been your contacts, they dried and irritated your eyes and got one of them infected. Wait here, Jack, I want to discuss this with your mom.

Mother comes into the room and meets Jack. Sorry Jack, contacts didnt work out for you.
He just shrugged and said ill be getting lasik once im 18. Mother looks slightly shocked and says isnt this dangerous? The ophthamologist chimes in and says my friend, also an ophthamologist is also a lasik surgeon and hes the best, comes highly reccomended! Drop by for an evaluation and you two can discuss your options. Yes! said Jack, about time I see normal again without those ugly glasses! This will come from your money, Jack said mother. By any chance, can you tell me how much it is? The doctor says Oh its cheap, only $1900 per eye! Wow! Ill need to get a summer job I guess to pay for the lasik.

Jack graduated high school and got his summer job and managed to save just enough to pay for his lasik surgury. College had started already so he had to wait till a holiday came before he has the time to schedule a lasik appointment and make time for the surgury. His eyes have gotten worse by then but he didnt bother buying new glasses since he didnt want to waste more of his money knowing hes gonna get lasered anyway!

Excited when the holiday came, he drove to a lasik center just ten minutes away from his college dorm.


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