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Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!

List of LASIK Complications(alphabetical):

1. Aberrations (corneal distortions)
2. Acanthamoeba Infection
3. Accommodative Spasms
4. Acoustic Shock Waves (suction ring and lasik)
5. Aniseikonia (difference in image size between the two eyes)
6. Anisometropia (large difference in refractive error between the two eyes)
7. Anterior Chamber Perforations
8. Anterior Traction (anterior-posterior contraction)
9. Aquarium Vision
10. Arcing
11. Barotrauma (due to suction ring)
12. BCVA Loss (may be one or many lines)
13. Binocular Vision Damage (esotropia, exotropia, exophoria, esophoria)
14. Blepharitis (eyelid Inflammation)
15. Blindness (legal and even total)
16. Bowman Layer Damage
17. Bowman Layer Undulations
18. Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
19. Canaliculitis (tear duct Inflammation due to punctual plugs for dry eyes)
20. Cataract Formation (earlier than normal)
21. Central Islands
22. Central Toxic Keratopathy
23. Conjunctivitis (pink eye infection)
24. Contrast Sensitivity Loss
25. Convergence Insufficiency (exacerbated by elimination of myopia)
26. Collagen Damage
27. Corneal Abrasions
28. Corneal Abscess
29. Corneal Bowing
30. Corneal Bulging (responsible for regression)
31. Corneal Damage (including the nerves)
32. Corneal Dystrophy
33. Corneal Edema (swelling)
34. Corneal Erosions
35. Corneal Granular Deposition
36. Corneal Iron Deposition
37. Corneal Irregularities
38. Corneal Loss (need a transplant)
39. Corneal Necrosis
40. Corneal Opaqueness (cloudiness or haziness)
41. Corneal Perforation
42. Corneal Scars
43. Corneal Splitting
44. Corneal Steepening
45. Corneal Thinning
46. Corneal Ulcers
47. Corneal Unstable
48. Corneal Vascularization (abnormal blood vessel growth)
49. Cystoid Macular Edema
50. Dacryostenosis (blocked tear duct due to punctual plug for dry eyes)
51. Daybursts (starbursts seen during the day)
52. Daysparkles (sparkles seen during the day)
53. Decompensated Strabismus
54. Decentered Ablation (bigger problem with wavefront)
55. Delusion
56. Denial (refusal to admit problems)
57. Depression (profound sadness due to ruined eyes)
58. Depth Perception (loss of)
59. Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK, Sands of Sahara)
60. Dizziness
61. Driver's License (loss of)
62. Dry Eyes
63. Ectasia
64. Edema (may involve the cornea and eye)
65. Endophthalmitis (interior ocular inflammation)
66. Endothelial Cell Loss
67. Epithelial Cell Loss
68. Epithelial Erosion
69. Epithelial Ingrowth
70. Epithelial Sloughing
71. Epithelial Thickening (results in regression)
72. Eye Strain
73. Flap Amputation (due to infections or other complications)
74. Flap Buttonhole
75. Flap Damage
76. Flap Decentered
77. Flap Dislocated
78. Flap Irregular
79. Flap Loss (free flap)
80. Flap Melt
81. Flap Microbial Pathogenic Infiltration
82. Flap Never Heals
83. Flap Striae and Wrinkles (mismatch between flap and stroma)
84. Flap Subluxation
85. Flap Thick (increased ectasia risk)
86. Flap Thin
87. Flap Unfolding
88. Fluctuating Vision
89. Foreign Body Sensation
90. Foveal Reflex Reduction or Absence
91. Fungal Keratitis
92. Ganglion Cell Damage
93. GASH
94. Ghosting
95. Glare
96. Goblet Cell Damage
97. Gunk
98. Haloes
99. Haze (especially in PRK)
100. Headache
101. Hyperopic Shift (very common back when RK was done)
102. Hypopyon
103. Hypotony (abnormally low ocular pressure)
104. Incomplete Cut (may result in irregular astigmatism)
105. Increased Intraocular Pressure (may led to glaucoma)
106. Induced Astigmatism (regular and irregular)
107. Induced High Order Aberrations
108. Infectious Keratitis (and other infections)
109. Inflammation (all kinds of)
110. Interface Debris
111. Interface Fluid
112. Interface Keratitis (infectious and non-infectious, early and late onset)
113. Irregular Astigmatism (may be induced)
114. Irregular Wound Healing
115. Irritated Eyes
116. Junk Under Flap
117. Juxtafoveal Whitish Patches
118. Keratocyte Cell Damage
119. Macular Holes
120. Macular Pucker
121. Metamorphopsia (wavy distorted vision)
122. Microperforations
123. Monocular Diplopia (double vision in one eye)
124. Muscle Spasms
125. Near Vision Loss (exacerbated by presbyopia)
126. Nerve Fiber Thinning
127. Night Vision Loss
128. Nocturnal glare
129. Oblate Cornea (unnatural shape)
130. Ocular Decompression (sudden and damaging)
131. Optic Nerve Fiber Damage
132. Optic Nerve Infarction
133. Optic Nerve Neuropathy
134. Optic Nerve Subclinical Ischemic Damage
135. Overcorrection
136. Pain (may be persistent)
137. Palebral fissures (expanding induced)
138. Parafoveal Whitish Patches
139. Photophobia (undesirable visual sensations produced by bright lights)
140. Posterior Vitrous Gel Liquification
141. Progressive Hyperopia (very common back when RK was done)
142. Psychological Problems (induced or exacerbated)
143. Ptosis (droopy eyelid)
144. Quality of Life (loss of)
145. Reading Problems (exacerbated by presbyopia)
146. Recurrent Erosion
147. Redness of Eyes
148. Regression (both naturally occurring and induced via hypoxia)
149. Retinal Blood Barrier Impairment
150. Retinal Breaks And Holes
151. Retinal Circulation Disruption
152. Retinal Detachment
153. Retinal Hemorrhage (bleeding)
154. Retinal Ischemia
155. Retinal Mechanical Stress
156. Retinal Phlebitis
157. Retinal Venous Elevated Pressure
158. Scarring
159. Starbursts
160. Steroid Induced Glaucoma
161. Sty Formation
162. Trigeminal Neuralgia
163. Triple Vision
164. Ultraviolent Damage (cause for cataracts)
165. Undercorrection (sometimes done by choice for presbyopes)
166. Undersized Optical Zone (results in ruined night vision)
167. Uneven Pupil Sizes
168. Visual Field Defects
169. Vitreous Detachment (many floaters)
170. Wooziness

*Note* list may be incomplete! New complications are being discovered!

Future Long Term Induced Difficulties and Complications:

1. Difficulty Detecting Glaucoma Onset
2. Flap Can Dislodge Anytime (it never heals)
3. Increased Susceptibility To Ocular Trauma (nonhealing flap, weaker eye)
4. Induced Contact Lens Intolerance (stuck with glasses if they even help)
5. IOL Calculation Difficulties (because of abnormal cornea)
6. Late Onset Haze
7. Long Term Permanent Dry Eyes (corneal nerve damage)
8. Pathological Ocular Changes (damage)
9. Possible Ectasia (because of thinned cornea)
10. Regression
11. Unstable Fluctuating Vision
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Re: Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!

I found a partial list and I researched around and completed this list. I found many, many complications to add to the list. Then I organized and numbered the list and alphabetical it. Everyone will get some of those complications listed, some people may get many of the listed complications and complications not even listed! Lasik damages every eye, causes problems and complications for all who zap their eyes. Anyone who does not believe those complications to be true or cant happen to you has a serious case of denial!

This list is perhaps one of the best tools to inform yourself how dangerous lasik is. If you think you have problems with glasses, the problems lasik has(more than 170!) will make glasses a dream! There is simply no comparison. Glasses is far superior to lasik. Glasses gives the best vision with none of the 170+ problems lasik may give! There is no better, safer alternative than glasses.

If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to speak your mind! Also feel free to spread this list I helped make and contribute. Share it with everyone, show anyone and everyone this list. No one in their right mind who wants healthy eyes is going to risk lasik when they see this list! The number of listed complications and number of complications yet to be listed is just mind boggling! Don't walk, run away from lasik!
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Re: Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!

I have gotten responses in another forum and replied. You can learn from my replies.

reply 1.

I will do more research to find the odds. Tom Lucas doesnt feel
anything with less than 1:100 odds is important. It still is and also
because theres many potentional complications with tiny odds that they
add up. And yes even "rare" complications can happen. People have ended
up needing a corneal transplant after a severe lasik complication. They
never imagined in their wildest dreams that it could happen to them but
it did. Very bad luck.

The chance of lasik improving vision depends on your prescription. If
you are a high myope at -6 or worse with worse than 20/800 vision then
yes you have a 99.9% chance of improving your *uncorrected* vision. But
people want more than that, they want to see as good as they did with
glasses. I know alot of people that are upset when their lasik vision
doesnt compare to their glasses vision, nevermind the fact they see so
much better without correction.

You have a classical case of denial. You honestly think driving is
riskier than lasik? LOL!

reply 2.

Those complications I added to the list were found from science
articles and research. Its purpose is to inform others considering
lasik. You can choose to go into denial, ignore the list, risk lasik
and hope nothing bad happens. And if something does, you can either
keep quiet and keep the complications to yourself or make them public.

Those who never had lasik can develop some of the complications on the
list, but the purpose of the list is to show what complications lasik
causes. The risks of complications is far elevated for lasik compared
to a virgin cornea so making the comparsion is a fallacy.
Take ectasia, its happened in virgin corneas but lasik will greatly
increase that risk. Take dry eyes, I have a mild case of it but nothing
as bad as those who had lasik. Lasik would make my own dry eyes far
worse, hence a lasik induced complication.

Whats wrong with informing others the risk of lasik? You personally
dont care because you had lasik and it went fine so you dont understand
all the ruckus. I never had lasik and never will. I can relate because
I know so many with lasik complications and seen pictures of distorted
lasik vision. Even my own virgin corneas have more aberrations than
average so I have a small taste of what its like. Personally I wish you
had known about Intacs. They are much less risky than lasik and give
better results too. I have much to research on Intacs to determine if
glasses or if Intacs are better for me. No hasty decisions for me, I
must know everything about Intacs and be convinced that they are low
enough risk with enough benefits to justify. An improvement in BCVA is
one reason. A stronger cornea is another reason. Improving my HOAs and
corneal distortions are a third reason. Intacs can even improve
keratoconus! One guy with keratoconus went from 20/160 BCVA to 20/25

reply 3.

Childbirth is mandatory if the species is to countinue. All animals
mate and procreate. Most humans choose to have children but some dont.
Enough do that the world population is rising. Lasik on the other hand
is purely elective. Youd have a point if glasses/contacts werent

The risks of some of the complications may be remote but when there are
so many, everyone will have some complications, even you did! If
someone wants to know the risks, for some its 100% for others its much
higher than 1%. I know that if I hypothethically were to get lasik, I
could expect to have some of those complications. My night vision would
be decreased and thats exacerbated by my huge pupils. My eyes would
become drier due to corneal nerve damage(doesnt fully regenerate) I
will have a nonhealing flap that can dislodge with a poke in the eye or
contact sports. My bowman would have undulations. My flap wont
correctly fit in the reshaped cornea(do the geometry math) I would have
some flap straie(even you do!) My cornea would bow, every cornea bows
after lasik. I would lose some cells of different types. My HOAs would
increase(yours did, everyones does) I would have a thinned, weakened
cornea that could become ectasiac decades from now. My eyes will get
drier and drier as I age. When I get old and develop cateracts, good
chance ill get miscalculated IOLs and end back in glasses. Ill have
junk under the flap. Theres so many problems ill have or have a good
chance to have. Same goes to anyone else if they were to get lasik.
Most people dont know this or few would risk lasik. In my opinion,
glasses are far better than lasik. Are glasses better than Intacs? That
im still researching on.

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Re: Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!

reply 4.

Only because most people cant grasp the true risks of lasik, dont
really understand all that technicial medical and big word jagon or
simply choose not to believe what they dont want to hear. I used to be
like that a couple years ago but learned quick. I will agree that less
than 1% is low risk but lasik is far riskier than that and everyone has
problems with lasik. Perhaps the chance of major, serious problems is
1%. Enhancements are a hassle but not a problem if results are good
afterwards. The final result is what matters. Your vision turned out
great so you are lucky that you didnt have a complication that effects
vision, not all complications will reduce vision, some complications
have other effects, particulary on ocular health itself.

each complication has a likehood of happening independently of another.
I know people who had several rare complications. Think of it as
flipping 170 coins. Theres a tiny chance each coin may land on its
edge. Theres an even tinier chance two or more coins will land on its
edge. For most, none of the coins will land on its edge. This is my way
of thinking of the risks of major serious rare complications. Even one
of those complications is bad. Two or more is a nightmare!

Glasses is far, far, far safer. Whats selfish about telling the truth?
The worst that will happen if they walk away from lasik is they will
stick with glasses and enjoy clear vision with glasses. Its like
someone telling others not to do some very risky stunt because they may
end up hurt or killed. Sure the stunt might be of some entertainment
value but people can find safe entertainment like I entertain myself
with chess.

reply 5.

You just cant preserve some night vision if your pupils are huge like
mine. Your pupils are [sign in to see URL], your lasik zone is [sign in to see URL] You have 33.2
square milimeters of pupil, lasik zone and aberrations that you look
thru. My pupils may be perhaps [sign in to see URL] so im looking thru 70.9 square
milimeters. Therefore I am looking thru [sign in to see URL] times more area than you
are. With the same amount of high order aberrations per square
milimeter, I would have [sign in to see URL] times more aberrations that reach my
retina thru my huge pupils. To add insult to injury, the biggest FDA
approved lasik zone is [sign in to see URL] this means only 46.8% of the image in my
retina will be in focus. 53.2% will be unfocused because it is outside
the treated lasik zone, yet inside my pupil where light will reach my
retina with a blur equal to my pre-lasik myopic prescription. This will
mean ill see a clear, in focus center and the rest of my vision will be
all blurry. Think of it as wearing really tiny [sign in to see URL] contact lenses
that cant correct your entire field of vision. Even orthoK is going to
be problamatic but its reversable so theres nothing to lose, not even
money if I find a practioner that offers a refund policy.

reply 6.

If they are depressed, they should seek help for that before doing
anything that could send them over the edge into suicide. People have
killed themselves over a very bad lasik result. If someone is thinking
suicide is the way out of a lasik complication(if there is one), seek
help and dont get lasik in the first place!

Its a catch-22. You say that now because your happy with your lasik.
Hypothetically speaking if your lasik went poorly would you wish you
could "undo" your lasik and go back to the lesser evil, glasses? This
kind of thinking is what makes me and many others stick to glasses. All
those "what ifs" No one can predict. A number of people wish they could
go back to glasses.

I still would not compare an elective risk to a mandatory risk. Even
eating is risky, you could choke or get food poisioning(I believe I
have) yet ill die if I dont eat. But lasik is an entirely different
beast and highly optional. Lasik would be manditory if glasses/contacts
werent invented emoticon

Would a complication mean a derivative from the normal, the expected?
This raises the question, what if the normal expected things about
lasik is both positive and negative without it being a complication?
This is where my problem with lasik comes from. Everyone has a flap.
You know very well that a flap is not as strong as a virgin cornea. Yet
a lasik flap itself is not a complication, could it be called a side
effect or a compromise? Just asking that to be sure we understand each
other emoticon

An undercorrection is the most minor complication and can easily be
addressed with enhancement or a thin pair of glasses for stuff like

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Re: Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!

Just to be understanding, I want to differnate between complications and side effects.

Perhaps I have been using the word "complication" a bit too liberally.
I understand a complication is a deviant or straying from the normal,
expected, usual, typical.

Am I correct to say when something is expected of lasik, its 100%?
Could something that occurs 100% of the time still be called a
complication if its a bad thing or simply call it a side effect?
Take the flap for example. Every lasik eye contains a flap. Anyone who
looks that up knows a flap is (much) weaker than the virgin cornea.
What word or term should I label this? I was thinking "side effect" To
make an analogy, exercise has the side effect of making you tired. Is
that a complication or is "complication" too harsh and not accurate to
call it? Theres side effects, both good and bad about exercise. What
would be a complication? Developing a fever? Falling and scraping your

Hope this post lets me be more open minded about lasik and to learn
what really constitutes as a complication vs. a side effect emoticon


I still like to use the label "complication" for what I describe because its a bad, negative event. Using my list of 170+ complications, I will mention what every lasik patient will expect.

1. Side Effect: High order aberrations.
Those are subtile distortions in your cornea. All forms of laser surgury will induce more of those. Wavefront PRK induces the least of all. Most people choose wavefront lasik. This will induce another 20-50% more HOAs on average. Your vision in broad daylight probably will be normal. In mesotopic conditions such as soft indoor lighting, you may see a slight fuzziness. Contrast will be slightly diminished but not to the point its problamatic. It may feel like a very slight degree/diopter of myopia.
In scotopic conditions, things will appear darker than they were with glasses before lasik. Thats known as a mild loss of contrast. There may be some "spreading" of bright light sources, perhaps small haloes and short starbursts emitting from them. The degradation of vision is not significent.

When does it become a real complication:
When the introduction of HOAs become clinically significent and severely degrade your vision. Daytime vision could be affected. Everything may appear washed out like an overexposed photo. You may see some doubling or smearing. In indoor mesotopic light, the problem gets much worse. Everything is extremely hazy, contrast is much diminished. Ghosting may be prominent.
In scotopic or dark areas, you may feel nearly blind. Any source of light has huge haloes and starbursts that go on forever.

2. Side Effect: Flap Striae.
Anyone with basic geometric math skills will know that when you change the shape of an object, the flap or lid will no longer fit perfectly but wrinkle as it makes a "best fit" In the newly ablated lasik cornea, the flap whos shape used to fit the virgin cornea will wrinkle as it gets placed over a reshaped cornea. Those small wrinkles are microstriae. You may have localized spots of slightly smeared or distorted vision. The flap can be lifted and set down again to change the position of the microstriae, hopefully for an improvement. Any microstriae on the edge or better yet outside your pupils wont be clinically significent. When looking at an eyechart, the patient may slightly tilt his head or shift his eyes so they are positioned over a less aberrated potion of the cornea in order to read 20/20 or close.

When does it become a real complication:
Macrostriae will severely degrade your vision. You may see ghosting, doubling, tripling or multiple images. Those huge wrinkles in the flap act like prisms and refract light at angles off from the origional image. The flap must be lifted and set back asap or the wrinkles will take hold.

3. Side Effect: Nonhealing flap.
Care must be taken not to rub your eyes or accidentally get poked or the flap could dislodge or even detach free! Wear safety goggles when doing contact sports or certain types of work. Tell your children to keep their hands away from your face! This will remain a constant worry for life.

When does it become a real complication:
If the flap dislodges, immediate attention is needed to reposition the flap and hope all is well or your BCVA may decrease. Sometimes the flap gets slightly damaged and develops striae which decreases your vision.

4. Side Effect: Dry eyes.
Everyone develops at least temporary dry eyes after lasik due to corneal nerve damage during the flap creation and the actual zapping. The nerves slowly regenerate to about 50% of preop. If your eyes produced plenty of moisture before lasik, there will be enough reserve not to need to depend on eyedrops daily. Your eyes may feel dry at times and blinking a few times will remedy this. Waking in the morning, your eyes will feel dry and ache a little. Either blink for a minute or apply a drop to each eye and you are good to go. Punctual plugs may sometimes be used.

When does it become a real complication:
Severe permanent dry eyes. They will be sore, ache and burn incessely. Epithelial erosion may occur as well as infections. Youll be stuck with eyedrops every hour for life and the relief may only be partial. Not a fun thing to trade glasses dependency for eyedrop dependency.

5. Side Effect: Inaccurate glaucoma test.
Lasik will result in a false low reading. What can be done is compare the reading before and after lasik and use the lasik reading as the assumed normal. If the post lasik reading appears elevated, measures should be taken even if the reading would be normal for a virgin cornea. Its better to medicate for possible glaucoma even if there isnt any. If there is glaucoma and the false negative fools you, big problem!

When does it become a real complication:
When the inaccurate glaucoma test fools the doctor and he decides not to take any action. Vision loss will progress permanently. Tunnel vision may develop.

6. Side Effect: Bowman layer undulations
The flap formation damages the bowman. The Striae extends to the bowman. Visual effects may be similar to microstriae. No one knows for sure how important the Bowman is but what is known is the Bowman blocks 2/3 of the UV rays from entering your eyes. The Bowman may also assist with some visual functions. People who have had lasik report their vision somehow looks "different" even if they see fine, its just an aspect thats different. And no, that aspect is not the lack of glasses minification.

7. Side Effect: Corneal bowing/bulging
Because lasik thins the cornea, the internal ocular pressure faces less resistance in pushing a thinned and weakened cornea outwards. Its like blowing a new baloon, at first it takes effort. After the latex is stretched and thinned, inflating it becomes easier. Regression due to a bowing cornea is very common and may happen years later.

When does it become a real complication:
The bowing keeps progressing and you have what is called ectasia. A warning sign is sudden and strong regression. That may happen overnight or in days or weeks. RGP contacts may have to be worn or Intacs implanted. If progression countinues, you will need a corneal transplant.

8. Side Effect: Near vision loss.
You wont see so well up close once you are no longer myopic. Your eyes will be set to focus clearly in the distance. Because of eventrual presbyopia, you will be dependent on readers. Had you kept your myopia, that could have been avoided.

9. Side Effect: Goblet, Ganglion, Keratocyte, Epithelial, Endothelial cell damage.
Not good for ocular health. Might result in long term complications. Is it worth losing vital cells?

10. Side Effect: Oblate cornea.
Reduces night vision, causes blurring, glare, ghosting, arcing, haloes and other symptoms. Theres a reason humans have prolate corneas.

]proof and picture comparsion of prolate vs. oblate

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Re: Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!


delusional as ever, and now replying to a post on Google groups here?

keeping it real, as always....

you need medical help.....

feathered one
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Re: Lasik is so dangerous there are 170+ different complications!

Sorry but the only delusional one is you if you are seriously considering lasik. You are unable to see or admit how risky and dangerous lasik is. Those are the type of people who get lasik and ruin their eyes and many dont even admit the problems lasik causes, they only speak about the good stuff.
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