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Waking up realizing your eye has been open for a long time, with sunlight

Okay long story short. I went to bed as usually, and I slept with my haead hanging over the bed ( as usually ). While sleeping, one of my eyes was open.

Apparently the eye was open for a long period of time, and was unable to keep its surface lubricated and comfortable. Also the sun was constantly hitting it.

Waking up, my eye was blurry. So asides freaking out, crying, and realizing my eye was hot, and dry, like a fish out of water. I went back to bed with my eyes closed.
It went away, but the ghost remained.

As in, after awhile my eye would see a ghost, and this ghost would then turn into light circles, and then objects would become circles, and so forth.

Six or so years passes. My eye was okay, but now I was out of college, and had lost weight, but then I started living with my elderly family members, who is a diabetic, and keeps over feeding me.

Now my entire eye is unable to see anything. I finally decided to go to doctor, and they do not believe my story, and keep insisting, I have the eye disease Cornea Keratoconus.

Which means, my corea is unable to control light, entering my eyes, and they keep asking do I rub my eyes, as well as got into a fight.

I ask why rubbing, because people with downsyndrome ( mental retardation ), often do this which leads to this. Anyways.....

Bottom-line I got to deal with options, like a special lens, and even preventing my second eye from occurring like this, or even surgery. They are still unsure on how that became that way, and I am.

It is all insane. Looks like I might have a permanent lenses.

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